Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Season is Almost Over

Today I was able to really hack into making snow on the layout - there were quite a lot of foam beads flying today.

I was able to add in another couple of sheets of foam at the base of the peninsula and carve up some existing ones. So it it much more complete than before. I think it is looking pretty good myself.

Barry P showed up and continued with some work, primarily getting some plywood into the area to the right of the station, so that some sort of facility can be designed and built there to add to operational capability on the layout.

A few days ago John B carved out some ply deck and added in some foam so that he can make a small stream or causeway/drain.

As you can see above, we now have an orange step or two. These Gorilla brand steps are great and nicely stable. It was quite handy to get me up a tad higher so as to be able to lean heavily onto the foam for additional shaping force.

The creak or water course will look good here as there will be a bridge or culvert at the back and one at the front.

And the cat dragged in one of the irregulars - Darryl D. So he continued working on the wharf area and laying track and points - lookin' good the 'ol wharf is. More photos next time.

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