Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Oh, and Arthur - It's Your Fault!

Now before I get to Arthur, of the Tuesday Night group I attend, I'll detail the first part of today.

Of course I headed down to the club and got straight into it with the foam tools and the beady eyed foam. I huge mess ensued and lots of fun as I carved it up. A lot of progress on the rolling hills was made, but more is still required. But the fellas at the meeting on Saturday will be able to get a good idea of rolling hills.

And now to Arthur. The Tuesday Night group meet last week on Tuesday at Arthur's place. As always a great time was had. There were a couple of the new Wuiske QR 1550's charging around on the 12 mm track and looking good while doing it. They are very tempting indeed. Here are a few short videos of the QR's:

But also on the layout was an Auscision NSW 73 class from a little while back, a few of the latest TrainOrama NSW 48's. Here is a quick video of the 48:

And the most recent - the NSW 45 class loco from Auscision. Yes here is a video of the 45:

Scooter had his 45 there as he'd gotten his better half to collect it at the PO that arvo - he went for one of the ones in Marlboro livery as had Darren. Now I said earlier it's Arthur's fault, and yes it is. His layout looks so good with these locos running around with great sets of wagons behind them, that a fella just cannot, I say cannot, resist!

So lunchtime Wednesday (the day after the Tuesday Nighters meeting) I rang Auscision and ordered one! I got the running number of 4509 which is Indian Red (1970's) with single marker lights and buffers. The post man delivered it yesterday, so here is my new baby. I did a bit of running in on DC at the club on my new rolling road too - neat gadget. She runs nice and quiet under DC and crawls along as well when required.

Now to decide on a decoder. I know it will need to be sound, but the question is do I go for the cheaper option and therefore the Tsunami TSU-AT1000 with the Alco 251C donk in it which therefore needs to be soldered in, or do I go for the ESU one that comes with a real 45 sound set (at a bit more money) but plugs straight into the 21 pin plug? Following a few threads in some blogs from those that know what they are doing, would suggest the Tsunami if I want to consist and do momentum with my other 47's and 49's that have Tsunami's in them. I suppose it coils down to how lazy I am.  We'll see.

Till next time, have fun.

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