Saturday, February 7, 2015

Staggering Vertical Wall

Peter A continued, with a bit of help, carving up the vertical wall that will be the main feature between the helix and the river crossing. Spectacular is all I can say. This will be a really great scene on the layout.

In the half dozen hours I spent at the club today I managed a few more slabs of foam for the farmland and rolling hills area and did some carving. There is one heck of a lot of carving yet to go, so the shots only show a bit. A lot of the foam needs to go to make it a nice flowing gentle hillside type area.

After a discussion with Peter A a bit of a trim was done on the right hand river hill top as it really wasn't a good continuous slope - now it is.

Barry P came down and lent us a hand and was able to get some plywood into the gaps on the small industrial side of the peninsula. This will allow us to add some foam in relevant areas and see what we can come up with to finish that side.

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