Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wet Day

With all the rain around because of the cyclone up north we were in for a wet day. So after a cuppa it was down to the club for a lot of gasbagging, and a little work.

I didn't get around to much visible work as I was buggerising around cutting into the skyboard with a keyhole saw to allow for the wye to be put in. Eventually with some cutting and re-cutting and re-cutting and re-cutting, I got there - I think. I had to move the point the length of the point further away from the skyboard to get a better track radius. So instead of a 60 cm radius we have about a 90 cm radius, so that should be good. This time I also remembered to drill the hole under the point to allow for the solenoid to throw!

John B has been busy and has started to carve the waterway in the area he is working on. He has also added in some more foam on the front edge leading to the right and the lower station area. The photo shows John being surprised as he is working.

Peter A did a lot more prep work for the big bridge he is doing. He has made up a paper mock-up and draped it down from a piece of timber so we can now see a rough-out of the bridge - looking very good indeed. Peter then added in some more colour washes to the large rock faces he is building to the right of the bridge at the base of the helix. This also is very nice indeed.


Darryl had been busy during the week with more track and point work going down along the wharf area. This is really taking shape. There will even be cutouts of ships further out to sea as per this small example. 

Darryl has colour printed out a range of freight ships, passenger and tugs and will select some suitable ones to add into the background. It also looks like a big giraffe style container crane will be crafted by Darryl and is most like going to have a bunch in N scale mechs in it so it can move along some rails!

Now here is a stitched up panorama photo of the wharf area - hope it turned out.

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