Saturday, April 18, 2015

Friday Night Fun

Finally I got to another running session at JK's place - the stars aligned for me.

As usual a great night was had with a drinky or two and some trains being run. It has been a couple of months probably since I got there, but some changes have occurred. John has now got carpet tiles on the floor and they sure make the feet a lot more comfortable.

There is now also a large control board for whoever plays the fat controller to use. This is made of steel and has all the lights and routes on it and the use of magnetic labels shows where are train is. Oh yeh - lights - there are a pile of signal lights on the layout as usual, but more. AND they and now wired back to the control board. So the controller can let you move without the need to yell at you. Mind you, you have to watch your signals - don't you JK?!  John kept not looking and hence not moving his train!

There has also been a lot more detailing on the layout - very nice John, very nice indeed mate. Saw some nice motive power as in some Canadian National running as well - nice.

If I am lucky, there will be another session before I bolt OS for a couple of months in three weeks time.

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