Saturday, April 18, 2015

Working Bee Day at the Club

Since a WB was on for today at the club for 0900, I decided to hit the club early and get at least some building done before the noon run trains bunch showed up.

So I got in first and got in at 0730 and mixed up a two tube load of No More Gaps with just some water, paint and a pile of sawdust. Then with a selection of paint scrapers I troweled on the oatmeal looking mix into all the remaining gaps on the end of the peninsula. I finished it off a few hours later after the gardening, with a straight tube of No More Gaps and paint. Then to give it a drier surface so the boys playing choo choo's didn't get wet shirts so much, I sprinkled on a pile of the fine sifted dirt I had from my expedition to the creek the other month.

I also then tacked out a drawing Craig M made for me of the Cement Factory and laid out some track - this means on Wednesday I can lay the cork for it and possibly the track.

The gardening we were doing was a fresh load of mulch for all the garden beds. I think we ended up with about 12 metres of it! But the place does look a lot better.

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