Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Smoothed the Hills

Today was a bit of a Mixed Bag so to speak.

Had some Raspberry Pi work to do with B1 for the N Scale layout. We set the JMRI to talk to the NCE USB at a speed of 19,200 baud in lieu of the default 9,600 baud. Took a bit to figure out the commands we used last time, but got there in the end - proves we should play with it more often. But then again it don't break often either!

Next I got some dimensions for the top deck and did a bit of an update on some thoughts over on the club forum site.

Usual gas bagging was done and then I attacked the foam some more - lots of it came flying off the hills at the end of the peninsula. So we now have a carving for a road to be laid down fro the hill to the Cement Silos and I also plonked a piece of MDF (painted grey) down to help visualize a bridge from the main road over the train tracks at the tip of the peninsula. I reckon maybe a concrete modern sort might be good - anything after abut 1950 perhaps?

Lastly I got a bit of water colours and roughly marked the roads out on the foam. Of course carving and filing will be required, but it gives the idea of what is intentioned.

Lastly for the day I glued down some cork and painted it where the two points will go on the passing loop area of that peninsula.

Perhaps next Wednesday I can install the points. The track to go with the points cannot be put down yet, nor the cork, until we get the buildings marked out so we know where exactly to put the track.

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