Saturday, April 4, 2015

Glue Clogs the Blades

Today be Saturday, so off to the club.

Many more that just me today - so I got to gasbag a lot more. I also got into more foam - funny that...

So I got into adding more of the outer foam work outside of the mainlines at the end of the peninsula. I also got right into carving up the big foam blob I made at the centre of it as well. Now it is starting to look more natural - but lots more foam yet top be removed.

John B did some more tidy up of the work he's been doing to remove the centre skyboards on the top decks. Barry P was there today as well and started a bit more foam work as well at the top of the helix.

Oh yeh, you are probably wondering about the heading. Well, that comes from yesterday. Never being one to wait, yesterday I did some foam carving with my trusty Surform and the Liquid Nails wasn't dry. So that was fine it all work OK.

Today I go to do some carving the the tool just didn't cut as well - it tended to skip across the surface and not bite in as much as it should. Turns out the glue placed a thin layer on the surface of the cutting tool thereby reducing how far it can cut in and stuffed up my though-put! But I was able to fix that. Once done, I pulled the cutting edge off the plastic handle and let it soak (as Gabby is always saying - let it soak...) in Turps.

After 30 minutes or so I got a good stiff wire brush out and gave it a good scrubbing - making sure to go across the cutting blades and not against them. Looks as good as new now! But of course on the way home I dropped into Bunnings and bought a spare blade while  I was there and another 12 tubes of Liquid Nails, as we appear to be drinking it with our coffees!

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