Friday, April 3, 2015

Quiet Time

With no one else about, I was able to spend a day at the club by myself, just listening to 4KQ and building foam hills.

I decided to get the end of the peninsula started so that it is not the brothel it always is with all sorts of tools and crap left lying on it. Amazing how long it actually takes to cut a piece of foam, shape it and glue it in position and then decide on the next one. It is also amazing how a design changes as it goes along - it really is fairly organic.

As part of the foam hill building, I added some embankments on the outer side of the tracks. These aren't completed yet as they will roll up and down, but they are in and a bit of no more gaps on them to stop them crumbling until a fascia can be put in after they are shaped.

While I was at it I looked at the cement works and thought maybe we could throw another point at it and give a siding for empties or full wagons. And the other building could also do with another point and track I reckon.

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