Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Lot Did Get Done

Saturday saw a cooler than recent day emerge and after the mandatory reading of the morning paper, it was off to the club to do trainy things.

All I got done was to lay down a pile more dirt, this time along the wharf district and around the peninsula. It the middle of it all I had to sieve more dirt a number of times, but with all the makings at the club, it was not too onerous - just bloody dusty!

Peter A was down doing more bridge work and Kev M, John B and Bob P  were redrawing the SCARM drawing to make it more accurate and representative of what actually is built so far. A few of us also joined in to offer some more comments and changes at the same time!

B1 was at it on the N scale Exhibition Layout getting some lighting into the corner shops.

After lunch it was a few laps around the layout with my NSW 45 class and some wagons, and then off home for a well deserved, I reckon I deserved it, beer.

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