Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Noisy Day

So today I did a bit more putty. So I made up a batch of putty and bogged up some holes and filleted the hills into the layout as well as made a bunch of small mounds to break up the flat world.

So I think I am finished with the putty down that end of the layout - the left hand end of the main yard. Next time I'll get into the dirt on the hills and maybe some grass.

Now I had a little delivery yesterday arvo and brought it down with me today - my LokSound decoder had arrived from DCC Sound in Victoria. Yep, my NSWGR 45 class noises had arrived for my Auscision loco. So I took a bunch of photos as I installed the chip and will write an article the club newsletter.

But basically you take the old chip out (or DC one) and install the sound decoder - making sure to install it correct side up. The speaker just clips into position and away you go. This is one easy install - very happy with it indeed.


So here is a quick video of testing the loco after installation of the decoder.

Here is a quick video of the test after installation.

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