Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It's Warming Up

Winter I think will be coming to an end soon. The jacket didn't stay on long today at all - even the no sleeve vest came off very early - but what a great winters day it was.

So for my work today I carved up some expanded foam into the shape of some hills and rock outcrops to put a bit of 3D into the left hand end of the main yard where it curves into the run along the wall.

I used the blue beaded foam we have which is made of small beads of foam but they are not bound very well. So it shapes easily with my Surform tool and a sharp box cutter. I made the forms in multiple parts so as to not have to use large pieces of foam to cater for the curve.

Once I had shaped the forms, they needed some protection from man handling and the environment. So I gave them a good lick of my No More Gaps and paint mix to give them a tough skin.

After a couple of hours they were dry enough to place on the layout to show what it will look like when in place.


After giving he foam a skin, I still had a bit of the mix left, so I threw in a few handfuls of Vermiculite and did some gap filling and made some tiny mounds at the base of the south wall peninsula. This will give a bit of variety to the land surface.

While I was at it, Barry was carving up some foam in the area between the large gorge and the station area.

Phil and Bob P were up on the big mobile scaffolding working on the top deck.

And John B was doing some work requiring some outdoor ventilation.

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