Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Trackless Trains

So Tuesday night this week was at the Mewes' place. As we saw, not too much has been done since the last visit as they have pulled up a lot of track as a major change in trackage is under way. With David heading off shortly to the states for some train events, Raymond will have 5 weeks holiday at home and hopefully some trackwork will result. In the meantime a lot of locos have no home on metals rails at the moment.

Here you can see some prepwork for backdrops and such and also some missing track on one of the decks.

And today down at the club I got my airbrush out and dug around and found my Tamiya acrylics and gave some of the fresh track, points and solder joins a good going over to get rid of that man made shine and black plastic tie look.

On the way home I did some quick shopping. First stop was for BEER. I am out of specialty beer, so thought a trip to Dan Murphy's might be the go. Well, a hundred odd bucks later, I left with some under my arm. Here are the two main ones I grabbed just because the names look good.

Then it was off to Supercheap as I had spotted something 5 months ago and forgot until recently - it was that they had a small modellers sand blaster that should work on my airbrush compressor. I have a few jobs around that it might be handy for if it works as good as I think - not plastic models that is for sure as I reckon all the sharp edges would disappear for sure. I figure 48 bucks might be a good investment.

And since the store was not far from Aldi, I dropped in for some Gnocchi and bits and pieces and spotted in the pile, a small sized bench grinder. It is 3" (75mm) and has a hard wheel for grinding on one end and a polishing wheel on the other. AND it has a flexible shaft rotary tool. I figure as a portable small unit it would be great and it was only 40 bucks. I have tested it out and at 150 w it is not super powerful, but I didn't expect it to be. It can easily sharpen a chisel and cleaned up my paint scrappers and squared up the ends on them. So a great buy from Aldi.

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