Sunday, August 9, 2015

Meeting Day

Not too much actually gets done around the club on meeting day as the working hours are reduced to allow the train runners to start an hour early because of the meeting in the arvo.

But you still do get things done. I was able to get into a bit of dirt and grass planting at the base of the aisle between the two peninsulas. It is starting to look good if I do say so myself. It might not be perfect, but it does beat an empty piece of plywood and can always be made better later one.

The hill is still removable, as the points are yet to be setup with point motors and such.


Peter A and I had an idea to add more action at the tip of the fiddle yard peninsula. With the engine shed having gone in at the end of the yard area, there is still time to move it forward away from the tip of the peninsula a bit to allow for some room for a track to continue around the tip from that engine shed area, thereby allowing for a business building and track for operations to occur.

At the same time we can add a large curved point at the tip end of the wharf yard and allow a line to come onto the tip and we can have another business and track there to take operations.

Neither pieces of track to join, thereby making for nice and interesting maneuvers to occur.

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