Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fun in the Sun

As usual, many things were happening at the club today. My little bits started off with some dirt getting thrown around.

With the help of the ever trusty aquadhere and water mix (50/50) and a small paint brush, the hills that were in need of dirt were given a liberal coating of liquid and then a pile of dirt sprinkled on them. So this almost finishes the hills at the left hand end of the main yard - almost. And it is just the beginning of the wharf areas that need a bit of soil added.

After I had doe the dirt, I decided to head off to Bunnings to get a few 1/2 inch paint brushes. So off I go and 45 min later I get back. I had 5 one litre buckets and lids and 5 five litre ones. I also had a small garden hoe, a small garden shovel and digging fork and some other odds end ends for myself... but I had forgotten the paint brushes!

Mind you, whilst I was out I collected some more dirt. The other day I had remembered where the pale red dirt had come from - it was only 5 minutes or so away from the club at the end of Warner road. On the side of the road there is a besser block retaining wall keeping the hill back off the road and when it rains the dirt washes down over the wall and into the concrete guttering - perfect. I just get my shovel and scoop the dirt into a 20 litre bucket for later processing at the club. Almost all of the contents are nice and fine and need little screening before use.

Whilst I was at it, there is a small dirst path at the end of the road where I had spotted some various prospective soils. One was a nice almost hite clay that just turned into power in your fingers. I reckon I can use it like a chalk powder. So I got a half a litre of it while I was there.

Also while at the club, I did a bit of programming of a decoder for Johnny J, and whilst doing it he showed me his latest work in progress - a tank wagon. He is almost ready to start casting it and I reckon another great little train will come of it.

Rob P and John B were at it on the end peninsula on the top deck tidying up and marking out some more track designs. The other day had seen the part of the deck around the end being lowered a tad for the 12 mm track.

While all this was happening Darryl D and Phil were at it putting on some fascias on the end of the middle peninsula.

Now while Kev was busy updating the CAD drawings of the layout, David L was busy setting up a test rig to show off an Arduino based points control module. I loaned him a couple of the really small SG90 servo motors and mounting kits from Tam Valley, and he now has them working with the Arduino. Push a button and the servo flicks over. Push it again and it comes back - simples.

After the club it was home time and beer-o'clock. But of course I got side tracked and added some 12 mm track to my test track rig so I can play with my brand new QR1550 and QR2400 locos I bought from Wuiski Models on the weekend at our club show at Strathpine - I just couldn't help myself, so I now have locos and rolling stock to play with on the 12 mm track once it is usable at the club.

Now as part of the above short job, I got to use my new soldering iron. The old one was very old and the tip had had it and replacements not available, so I was on the prowl for a new one. Whilst at a Tuesday Nighters meeting at Geoff's place (not Geoff from RMCQ), I mentioned I was looking for a new one and Geoff showed me his... new one. He'd gone to Jaycar and gotten a ripper of a new one. So I looked the other day and decided it was a good buy at 150 smakers and got it. It is fully variable and has a temp display and is industrial quality, so it should last me well.

 Whilst at Jaycar I also got myself a new brass cleaning station for the soldering iron.

Now I have one last thing - a tip. At our show on the weekend, which went off quite well, we had some trays of samiches delivered from a members better half. They were sitting on some very large aluminium platters - the disposable type. At the end of the sangas they went to turf out the trays and I quickly stepped in and nicked 'em! They were large and had a great flat area. So I will cut the good flat bit out to keep for later use as roofing material for models - I can make it into corrugated iron sheets. So keep an eye out yourself for pie tins and such - all are good for something.

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