Sunday, September 13, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again

Yesterday was our Club's AGM so a few new ones got up and onto the Management Committee for the club - on ya fellas!

To help facilitate this I said I'd take the newsletter work back on so as to free John B up to take on the job of being Prez. So after a gap of about a year I'm baaack.

Now to the real stuff. I only did a bit as meeting days are always busy catching up with members all day long. But I was able to get some dirt and ground foam onto the areas I puttied up on Wednesday.

So as to let the fellas start running trains earlier than normal I stopped after this and moved onto adding some 12 mm track to the Test Track area. This needed the 16.5 mm passing loop moved a bit to make room. So a 150 mm length was removed.

It was then trimmed and put back in allowing for the loop to be pushed closer to the mainline.

After this I saw that Tristan from Chilli Laser Engraving had shown up and had with him an Aussi Railway Station I had ordered. I'll donate it to the club and it will fit very nicely I reckon on the passing loop of the middle peninsula. I'll make up a nice wooden deck for it to sit on (from laser cut decking from Chili Laser Engraving of course).

Besides other stuff going on, Peter A had finished a replacement for the old Tennis Courts on the N scale Exhibition Layout, which got accidentally damaged recently as well as having faded over time. The old MDF it was based on had also begun to swell. So Peter has now used some foamboard and we'll see how she goes.

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