Monday, September 28, 2015

It is Irking Me

Yes, that back part of the tip of the middle peninsula. It was bare right at the back because it is so far back and hard to reach.

So I crawled up as far as I could and with difficulty brushed on some 50/50 white glue and water and then threw brown dirt all over the area. I should maybe on Wednesday be able to throw green grass on it and then this half finished area wont irk me so much.

Whilst I had the dirt out I sprinkled some up around the wheat silo area  so as to make it look more finished. Eventually there might be bitumen there and fencing and stuff, but in the mean time dirt looks much better than a painted deck.

I also did a bit around the oil tank area as well and a bit between the mainlines so we get a step closer to ballasting. But ballasting still requires the backboards to all be repainted and the cork trimmed along the track edges to allow the ballast to fall better.

And as usual I got a hankering to play with glue, so I made up a single batch of putty from the No More Gaps, paint, water and vermiculite.

With this batch I puttied up around some hills around the track at the base of the station side of the middle peninsula.

And with a bit left over I gave a rick outcrop near the cement silos a bit of filling out and rounding.

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