Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Half Done, Half to Go

With the completion of the 12 mm track in the test area, I thought that bit was done. Until I went to use it and found others in my way. So today I got out some more 12 mm track and laid it on the RHS of the test area!

I glued it down with Liquid Nails and then laid the sand filled draft excluders onto it for a hour until it was nice and dry. I will wire it up next week.

My next job was to cut some of the cork away along a lot of track at the base of the two peninsulas. It was sticking out all over the place and when time comes to ballast the track it would have meant a bad lay of ballast. So a sharp blade and away I went trimming.

After this I got out some of the home made ballast fro the dirts I sieved last week. I think there is promise here. Bruce H and I reckon the shale based one with the rougher elongated grains looks a good mainline ballast and the other two which are more quartz based and orange (like deco) in colour, should work on passing loops and branchlines and stuff. We'll need other colours in due course but I think it is a start. We sprinkled samples around the place then vacuumed it up before the running session started.

I skipped lunch at the club and was ravenous by the time I got home at 3 pm, so made up a quick snack - fresh baked bread - a slab of it, with a slab of butter on it and a slab of Vegemite on it. Washed down with some Bundaberg Ginger Beer (with an additive of some Bundy Rum).

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