Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bit of N and a bit of HO

So let's start today with a shot of the N scale shops all lit up and the new flashing sign up and running.

So today I added some greenery to the slopes at the left hand end of the main yard. I reckon myself, that it is looking pretty sweet.

While I was greening things up, Johnny J was showing off his latest wagons he has molded up and run off a batch, in N scale of course.

And John B was off int he corner using his newly crushed dirt to give a good coating to some hills at the far left of the station area.

Oh and here is a shot of what Doug and the boys are looking at doing. It will mean that coming into the main yard in a clockwise direction will be easier, as you will enter via the passing loop rather than the mainline. Two points will be added as so:

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