Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I Don't Know Where the Day Went

A day at the club can really disappear so fast.

Today I only managed to whip up one batch of my patented putty of gap filler and vermiculite. It of course starts with a sloppy mix of gap filler water and paint.


Once the slop had firmed up with the addition of the vermiculite, I used it to make some mounds and hillocks around the curved backdrop at the far left of the main yard (right hand end of the wharf).

Once dry I will add the dirt and grasses and we'll be complete for that end of the main yard - for now. With some putty left over, I then went at it and added some hillocks and mounds along the front of the wharf area so as to give a bit of three dimensionality to the front of the mainlines and passing loops.

Now while I was at it on the layout, Kev was busy redrawing some of the SCARM drawings of the layout.

The N scale Exhibition Layout was being worked on by B1 and Mr Murphy was present indeed as we developed a fault in our power dropping circuit for the new flashing sign. One minute it was working, next it stopped - damn that Murphy - and I think that is what B1 was thinking when the shutter went off.

Back in the HO room, Barry P was at it rasping away and shaping some foam at the right hand end of the station area.

And waiting in the background for noon to arrive and the HO layout to be opened for railway traffic, we have Bruce H learning JMRI on the PC.

Before lunch I was able to just fit in doing up some rough dimensions of the two areas I have to fit some structures to. So with the measurements on a scrap of paper I can now think about it whilst at home and see what comes of the mental strain. The two areas are of course the back passing loop and the larger area at the right hand end of the same area.

The reason for needing to think about the right hand end, is that I don't seem to be able to source the "Imperial Foods" Walthers kit any longer. I'll find something I reckon. And the measurements on the passing loop are so I can see about maybe massaging in a nice wooden station building. Maybe a slice here and there will allow one of the Chilli Laser Engraving QR station buildings to fit (like the one advertised on the club website) - I like the cut of their jib ;o)

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