Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mambo no 5 - a little bit of this, a little bit of that

So today was a bit like Mambo no 5. First thing I did was to fine tune Barry's foam work and give it a rougher more natural texture - ie hoe into it and forget about being careful.

Barry was then able to later in the day give it a lick of No More Gaps much thinned down. He thinned the paint part down a bit too much and ended up with a PINK coating!

While Barry was doing that, I made up a corking gun full mix of my putty and made some mounts all the way along between the main yard and the mainlines. This will give a much better visual separation once some dirt and grass goes on and perhaps a fence or something as well.

After this I gave Peter a hand programming up his brand new XPT train. It too like Craig's goes backwards instead of forwards, so a bit of reprogramming will be needed later.

So after lunch I couldn't be bothered running a train so I started getting the panel on the second test track ready to be able to drive the newly laid 12 mm track. I'll finish the job on Saturday.

Now while I did that I spotted the "3 Wise Monkeys" sitting supposedly "Driving" their trains - yeh I saw you bunch perched on your chairs...

So early arvo saw me off and heading home. I arrived to find I had a parcel from Jandowae sitting in front of my front door - you ripper, as well as a you ba*&^tards. Adam gets the first yell and Straya Post gets the second. The stupid delivery bloke just dropped the parcel at my front door in full view of the street and funny thing is... it needed a mandatory signature to be received. Now since there was no one home to sign, it was off to Straya Post down the road and give them a right bloody earful. I'll see what sort of fake signature they used this time... This is not the first time the numb-nuts have tried this trick and I a really ready for an argument - really ready....

Anyway, I digress. So once back home again, I grabbed a ginger beer and my parcel and headed out back with a train magazine to read as well as the QR Railway Station wooden kit I got from Chilli Laser Engraving the other week.

The sound decoder will go into my QR 2400 I got at the RMCQ show in August. The building I have donated to the club, but will make a mock-up out of cardboard shortly to stand in its stead until the layout is "more stable" and members don't damage it whilst working on the layout. I'll probably also do this with the two Walthers buildings I am donating tot he club for the layout.

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